Why it is very hard to stop BOBI WINE – “Bobilism”

Here are some of the reasons why it is hard to stop Bobi Wine

  • He was House arrested all media houses spent the day at his home.
  • He was House arrested media houses and social platforms played his music endlessly.
  • He was House arrested news paper’s , TV”s and Radios where doing opinion polls about him.
  • He was House arrested all social media bloggers and international media’s where on him buzzing every second.
Bobi wine addressing press conference in magere

Few days(3) H.E Bobi wine said: “Ugandans have been asking us our next course of action after all this impunity. we are hereby calling up all those who have been victims of this injustices, police brutality and other inhuman acts to come on board ,time is now.

As required by law, we have written to the Uganda police about our next course of action and we are expecting them to give us security throughout our country wide peaceful demonstrations and tomorrow we shall deliver that letter by foot.

I can say that ,we have tried our best to use all other legal peaceful means in vain. Now we declare that article 29 (1) b of the constitution that guaranty our peaceful demonstration has been activated. ”

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