Shame As Zari And Fabiola Fight At Miss Uganda Grand Finale

For those who attended Miss Uganda beauty pageant on 25th/07/2019 at Kampala Sheraton Hotel witnessed massive drama between Zari Hassan and Anita Fabiola.

Fabiola On The RunWay Before Fight Started.

Zari who was one of the Judges was invited on stage to read out the final results and announce the winner of the contest to declare Miss Uganda 2019 but stubbornly and sarcastically, Fabiola called Zari ‘Mama’, something that really irritated and pissed her off.

The organizers were able to mediate by taking a microphone from Fabiola, but Zari continued loitering all over the stage, making case for her actions and shooting voice high in forgotten accent. She went about how women should uplift each other and the likes, and the boos stated.

Being that kind of a queen slayer who doesn’t accept anybody to mess with her(Zari) and steal her shine, Boss Lady immediately blasted and silenced Fabiola.

Zari in a Facebook post this morning claimed that their grudge comes from a scenario in which she was asked to tell Fabiola off another woman’s husband.

Zari's facebook post
Zari’s Facebook Post

Zari has since deleted the post.

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