Minister Kibuule’s twins die in home swimming pool

On Monday evening, the twin boys, aged 2, of the State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule drowned at around 5 pm in a swimming pool at home under unclear circumstances.

Mr. Ronald Kibuule with the twins who drowned in the swimming pool

The police authorities conducted a post-mortem and found that Mr. Ronald Kibuule’s twins drowned in a swimming pool and ruled out any foul play.

Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Patrick Onyango on Tuesday released a statement on the death of Minister Ronald Kibuule’s twins(Raymon Kato and Rayden Wasswa).

Mr. Onyango explained that they had arrested four domestic workers to help police in investigations. The immediate suspects include housemaids, shamba boy, and a security guard.

“The suspects are being held under Section 227 of Penal Code Act, the charge being Rush and Neglect Act,” – he said.

The twins will be buried in a one-roomed house, which also houses the grave of Kibuule’s late mother Nnaalongo Grace Nagutta, who died on December 26, 1994.

The house in which the twins(Raymon Kato and Rayden Wasswa) will be buried.

Uganda Film Talks Team Condolence Message to Mr. Ronald Kibuule & Family.

“May our condolences bring you comfort and may our prayers ease the pain of this loss.”

Rest in Peace Raymon Kato and Rayden Wasswa

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