Jussy Coach Knocks City CCTV Camera

Survivors who talked to Uganda Film Talks on streets said the driver lost control due to the slippery road because it had just finished raining.

“The man lost control of the bus or may be the brakes failed. When he reached the junction, he almost crashed into Boda Boda men who were nearby but managed to divert it and it knocked the CCTV camera.” said Mwanje Denis.

Jussy Coach Knocks down CCTV camers
Jussy Coach Knocks down CCTV cameras

Following this series of accidents, Police launched a crackdown on dangerous mechanical condition (DMC) buses because it was believed such accidents are due to over speeding and poor mechanical conditions.

The police has not yet issued a statement concerning this accident.We will keep you updated since it’s still a developing story.

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