Galaxy Note20 Ultra Ecosystem Official Introduction Samsung

This is no ordinary innovation, this is the power to work and play.

Enhanced with galaxy note 20 ultra, galaxy watch 3, and galaxy buds live.

And it’s all at the tip of your fingers, just tap and sink. Flip open the advanced world of galaxy Buds live where deep sound flows seamlessly.

Just tap and sink – Credit Samsung Channel

A design that’s unheard of its ergonomic fit for less fatigue and lasts for hours.

 Ergonomic fit – Credit Samsung Channel

Now with active noise cancellation technology and 3 mics you can control what you hear, be it for work or play.

3 mics you can control what you hear
3 mics you can control what you hear

A flawless connection to galaxy note 20 ultra, elevates your entire sound experience in a truly immersive way.

Even when shooting videos you’ll be able to pick up voice clearly.

You’ll never miss a beat. And speaking of beats you can track yours. You can measure it and use the data to improve your health.

The most advanced health monitoring small watch, galaxy watch 3 lets you check the data on your phone and tracks your pace. Even on your TV.

And here’s something more galaxy watch 3 is the device to watch over your work management as well.

It can also provide more control of your presentations remotely.

Giving you more freedom at your meetings wherever you are.

This is not just another smartphone experience. This is an enhanced power to work and play.

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