Bobi Wine’s international lawyer Amsterdam writes to USA president Donald Trump

Bobi Wine’s international lawyer Robert Amsterdam has written to USA president Donald Trump asking him to stop all the Aid given to Uganda government especially Military aid because its Miss used.

The recipient - Donald Trump
The recipient – Donald Trump

Below is the letter;

The front page - Letter to Donald Trump
The front page – Letter to Donald Trump

In his letter, Mr.R.Amsterdam said;

“Mr President, in nineteen short months, the Ugandans will face the prospect of another staged election, rigged to defeat the expectations of the common man to achieve a voice in the affairs of their country. Mr Kyagulanyi and other opposition leaders are fighting for the rights of those people to be heard,”

The letter continues;

letter to Donal trump
Back page – continuation

The question is, WHAT’S NEXT FOR UGANDA??

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