Tokyo Jetz – At Em (Official Music Lyrics)

“At Em” is a song by American rapper Tokyo Jetz. It was released on Jul 16, 2021 and Licensed by EMPIRE (on behalf of Grand Hustle / EMPIRE); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., and 1 Music Rights Societies.

It’s on the Cancel Culture album.



**** problems never been a problem lil ****
And when it’s dat my messy like to start em and shit
It’s two things that a ain’t ever seen
That’s a ufo and a **** that I need
u must think I’m green
Must think I’m yo baby mama
Or what
I want u to eat this ***** wit no drama or what
Can’t lay with me and pillow talk like u a hoe boy
Let u Eat it up can’t beat it up u gots to go boy
Love what a ***** do and u come trippin in yo feelings
***** u be tripping
U be tryna sneak my pictures
If we ***** boy u bet not run yo mouf
U better keep it on the low cause I got a **** at the house
Made me buy me tittys
He ain’t seen yet
Said I’m outside and I mean dat
Love when he eat me up while I be leaned back
Ain’t friendly I ain’t tryna meet yo ****
CauSe **** I might double back
Hate when I pick a **** and his friend got dat sack
I call yo phone
**** U don’t answer then don’t hit back
Cause Ima hit somebody else
And ima leave u by yo self
Treat em how they treat these ****
Like a weak ****
Duck em and don’t **** em
He belong to do Streetz ****

Let em go let em go
That ***** ain’t **** ***** let em go
Let em go let em go
That ***** ain’t **** **** let em go
(Repeat 2xs)

He know **** perfect
Spend it cause it’s worth it
Do it with no effort
Flip it shake it a reverse it
Got my own money I like his too
If He got a baby mama I like kids too
Faking with his mama
She be smiling in my face
Don’t think she on yo side
Cause All that ***** ppl fake
She **** with who round she just like that fa the moment
Don’t let them call u
Cause all that ****** ppl phony
Keep them ******* private
***** don’t post them on yo page
Don’t meet him at the crib make em take u on a date
When u decide to *****em put it down like no other and
If the **** be wack then double back
Them ain’t his brothers ****
U can’t prove u hit then ***** u lying then it’s cap
Don’t let no ****** take u have u chillin in no trap
Ima give u rules
Play the game like u ain’t weak
Jus Get what u need and give dat ***** to the streets
Don’t let that ***** trap u
***** don’t go raw with no freak
And Don’t be sending nudes if u care bout em getting leaked
Thirsty **** ***** get that head and ***** u leave
First u get that bread and with the next **** u repeat


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