Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga Warns Bobi Wine – OSOBOLA CONCERT

Bobi Wine and his firebase team are set to have a concert code-named “Osobola” at One Love Beach Busabala tomorrow 9th October Independence Day.

Bobi Wine says that all is set for this concert and they have acquired all that it takes to have the show.

But the police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that this show will not happen although Bobi Wine wrote a letter to the police informing them of this show.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga
Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga addressing the media about the Osobola Concert

Enanga says that they are not sure whether the Venue is capable of hosting the intended revelers. He furthermore notes that they are not sure whether Bobi Wine will not mix politics and music during the show.

Enanga warns Bobi Wine and his team not to attempt holding the show and that they should keep away from one Love Beach tomorrow.

What’s your say on Enanga’s statements? Is he right or police is trying to yet again frustrate Bobi Wine on holding a show?

Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned because this is still a developing story.

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