“N*gg*s or Nakers?” – Here is Alison Morris’s Side (With Audio)

MSNBC anchor Alison Morris finally responded to a viral video and audio moving all over the internet on Sunday, trying to explain a vocal tongue twist during a report on the death of former NBA star Kobe Bryant that many on social media took to be the N****-word.

Alison Morris in MSNBC Studios

At exactly 2:10 PM, 26th Jan 2020, she came out on her official twitter handle and tried to explain to the world what she really meant.

In her tweet she said,

Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, I, unfortunately, stuttered on air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say “Nakers.” Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion this caused.

Tweet in Picture
Alison Morris's Tweet Apologizing
Alison Morris’s Tweet Apologizing

Although she came out to clear the air about her statement still many people refused to accept based on the feedback or comments she got on her tweet.


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