How to Turn off Windows Updates in windows 10

Are you fade up of Automatic updates consuming lots your internet data. Then this is the right post with step by step instructions on how you can disable or turn off windows 10 automatic updates.

Automatic Updates pending
Alist of Automatic Updates pending to download

Step one.

Press Window button + R at the same time and the Run dialog box will appear. Type in control panel.

Run dialog Box
Run Dialog Box

Step two.

Click on System and Security.

 System and Securiy
System and Security – The first item in the panel

Step three.

After clicking System and Security, scroll down until you see Administrative Tools and click it.

Adminstrative tools
Administrative tools

You will be presented to a list of program files but the one you need is called Services. It is between the Resource Monitor and System Configuration. Click it.

Services program
Services program

Step four.

The services panel will pop up with a long list of some processes which are running at that moment. Scroll down until you find Windows Update.

Windows Update program
Right click on Windows Update program

Step Five.

Right click on Windows Update and select Properties. The Windows Update Properties (Local Computer) box will pop up.

Go to where you see the Startup type label and select Disabled in the dropdown menu.

he Windows Update Properties
he Windows Update Properties (Local Computer) box

Step Six.

Finally, click Apply and Ok .The automatic updates will no longer run again.


Repeat the same process if you want to turn them back on.

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